The Corruption is Deadly podcast is co-hosted by Suzette Grillot and Sara Bana. Every week they discuss why and how we must fight corruption in our public and private spaces in order to develop social solidarity and enhance survival during a global pandemic.

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Episode 1

In the first episode, Suzette and Sara discuss:


  • Why corruption matters.

  • What is corruption? How do we know it when we see it?

  • What causes corruption?

  • What can be done about corruption?

Episode 2

On this episode the Corruption is Deadly series, we focus exclusively on corruption in the healthcare industry. The discussion includes Suzette Grillot and Sara Bana, as well as a local medical professional who is on the front lines during this global pandemic.

Episode 3

In this episode of the Corruption is Deadly series, we focus on financial corruption, given the trillions of dollars of public funds that are being dispersed during this time of crisis. The discussion includes guests Gary Kalman, the Washington DC director of Transparency International and Oklahoma Representative Chelsey Branham.

Episode 4

On this episode of the Corruption is Deadly series, we focus on the role of law and law enforcement in preventing and addressing corruption with our guest, former police chief for the city of Spencer and current Oklahoma County sheriff candidate Virgil Green.

Episode 5

In this episode, we talk with Richard Klinge, the director of the Pro-Bono Housing Assistance Program at the Oklahoma City University School of Law about corruption, exploitation and injustice in the housing sector.

Episode 6

On this episode we focus on how and why education and integrity promotion are necessary in order to combat systemic corruption. The discussion includes Suzette Grillot, Sara Bana and Quentin Williams. 

Episode 7

In our 7th episode, we focus on unemployment challenges and the potential for fraud I the state of Oklahoma. The discuss included Suzette Grillot, Sara Bana and Rep. Mickey Dollens, a democrat, who represents District 93 in south Oklahoma City.

Episode 8

In this episode Suzette and Sara welcome back Quentin Williams to talk about policing, police reform, transformation and abolition.

Episode 9

Suzette and Sara welcome back Quentin Williams and Virgil Green to continue the discussion about police violence that prompted protests and how and why the police have responded to protests with violence. 

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