The Book

By Neira Kadić

If I were to ever write a poetry book

I dream of you opening it

the way one opens a cookbook



and ready to treat my words

like recipes for new meals

I'd want you to read it the way a stranger in a big city

studies a tourist map

ready to explore

and anxious about finding all the right spots and all the right places

I'd want you to close my book

the way my grandma closes Qur'an late at night

after you found yourself deep in its pages

-your truest self-

and after you realized its biggest truth

is that all things divine sleep in you.

How do I fit a cookbook, a map and the holiest of truths

in words

in a secret, whispered message of divinity?

If I were to ever write a poetry book,

I'd have to burn it before it burns me alive.

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